Wood fences can be found throughout many Charlotte NC communities. However, when selecting a new wood fence to be installed, you may be curious as to what fences are the most popular, or most approved by HOAs. This is a list of the 3 most popular wood fence types that we install.

What are the most popular wood fence styles in Charlotte NC?

1) Sunrise Picket Fence

This fence is called “Sunrise” due to the literal shape that is cut into the fence, forming a half circle. The sunrise picket fence is the most popular wood fence installed throughout Charlotte due to how commonly accepted it is with HOA’s. This type of fence is also called a “neighbor friendly” fence due to the spacing between the pickets.

2) Top Cap Privacy Fence

The top cap privacy fence is a beautiful fence style. It has a finished wood look and a flat top surface. This is very popular among homeowners. One of the best features to having a flat top on your fence is so that birds, or even the neighborhood cat, can sit on top of the fence. However, even if animals are not your preference, this style fence offers a unique and classy look overall.

3) Standard Dog Ear Picket Fencing
Another HOA approved favorite is the standard dog ear picket fence style. This style fence is very common and probably one of the most well-known. It is also a neighbor-friendly fence, similar to that of the sunrise fence style, and most HOA’s approve this style with ease.

Another well-known fence style that was very close to making our top 3 list is the split rail fencing. This is a popular “horse fence” or “farm fence”. You can have this installed with or without wire. There are also variations of a gate that can be installed – such as a sunrise picket gate or a boxed barn gate.

No matter the fence style you choose, or you want, we can help! Sunrise Fence, LLC has been serving the Charlotte NC area for over 30 years. We have been helping homeowners create an attractive outdoor living area and can certainly help you with yours also. Call us today for a free estimate!