Did you know that aluminum fences can come in a variety of colors? Traditionally, and most commonly, you may have seen black aluminum fences throughout different neighborhoods. However, this maintenance-free fence can also come in white or even bronze.

What are the benefits of aluminum fence?

Aluminum fencing has many benefits. It is not only pleasing to the eye, but it is very often approved by HOA’s, comes in a variety of styles and heights, and also is maintenance free. Today, we are going to look at three of the most popular aluminum fence styles throughout the Charlotte NC area.

1) Flat Top Aluminum Fence Style
This flat top aluminum fence style is one of the top three most popular. If your concern is to not have spears, this type of fencing is by far the most child-friendly and safe fence style. Below, we have this style fence in the white color.

2) Flat Top with Spears Aluminum Fence Style
Flat Top with Spears is a style we install very often. This gives you the best of two worlds – flat top and some spears for another added touch of style.

3) Spear Top Aluminum Fence Style
Spear Top is the most traditional version of the aluminum fence seen throughout town. This is one of the first styles of aluminum fencing to hit the market and is still a very popular choice today.

As you can see from the image above, these fences are rackable.

What does it mean “rackable fence”?

Rackable means that we can easily install these fences to follow almost any grade. This prevents any type of gap between the fence and the ground.

Aluminum fencing is a great choice overall. From its beauty to its maintenance-free qualities, this fence will last for years to come.