Gazebos are just like everything else in our lives, the come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. So, the overall answer to this question is yes, there are different types of gazebos and Sunrise Fence is there to help you design one custom to your needs.

Different Based on Material

Gazebos can be different in several different ways; the material is just one of those ways. When it comes to creating your gazebo, you need to think about your budget as each material is going to be different on your budget. Most gazebos are made of wood. This has been a tried and true method for several decades. Wood, however, requires a lot of upkeep such as replacing rotting boards and even weather sealing. wood looks more natural in a garden environment.

Vinyl is quickly growing in popularity because it has little to no maintenance requirements. Once all is said and done just keep it clear of debris. There are also the options of steel and aluminum, however, both of those are pricier.

Different Styles

Your typical gazebo is considered a pavilion. These are the ones designed in several different shapes, yet are covered and open on the sides to keep you out of the elements.

A Rotunda is more of a round shaped gazebos. These are very intricate and growing in popularity. A rotunda offers a bit of history as well, as the White House roof is designed from a rotunda.

Pergola is a type of gazebo; however, it is not completely covered and often has a trellis wall for vines and flowers to grow up.

To learn more about gazebo types and information about them, contact Sunrise Fence. They specialized in building custom gazebos as well as decks and fencing. Stop by or contact them today to get started on building yours.