For many homeowners, the winter months can be some of the most dreaded times of the entire year. Ranging from temperatures that are always freezing to snow that never melts, this harsh weather can wreak havoc on everything. Homeowners constantly worry about their fences during the winter months because the effects of winter are more than just devastating. A majority of homeowners find themselves embarking on lots of post-winter repair works whereas that could be averted with the right fence maintenance procedures. Here are some tips that will give you a peace of mind during the winter months.

How to prevent accumulation of snow and moisture on my fence?

Snow can quickly heap on wooden fences and remain intact until the winter months are over. Although it might look breathtaking for outdoor photography, it can equally pose a great threat to your wooden fence. Make it a routine to clear the snow from your fence during winter months to avert possible fence decay.

Should I repair any damaged sections immediately on my fence?

Damage on a single section of a fence can compromise the structural integrity of the entire fence resulting in more serious complications after the winter months. Enlist the aid of a professional carpenter to repair any sections that are damaged or appear weak as soon as they are seen.

Should I clear the cement footing regularly around my fence?

Clearing the cement footings of your fence is the last thing you want to do in the freezing cold, but it can go a long way in extending the lifespan of your fence. The accumulation of moisture on the cement footings can result in cracks that can make your fence poles unstable. Be sure to keep the cement footings free of fallen leaves, snow and dirt and you will save yourself the agony of post-winter fence repairs. Contact Sunrise Fence today for more information.