What types of wooden fence exist?

With so many numerous types of wooden fences out there, it’s challenging to know what fence to select. The following content will help you make the right decision. First of all, you have to bear in mind that all types of fence share the very same primary components. These primary components consist of posts, rails, and panels. You will find that all types of wooden fences have numerous factors, but let’s focus on these three.

What type of fence posts should I choose?

Choosing the most suitable post is adamant to your fencing objective. Fence posts either sit leveled with the fence panel or above the fence panel. This will give you a choice to also add finials to your wooden fence.

You also need to consider that the setting of the post and its foundations are really crucial. When you dig a hole, the hole will be naturally bigger at the top than the bottom. Most individuals will dig the hole this way and put their fence post in the V-shaped hole and simply fill it with concrete. This can cause difficulties in the prolonged term, particularly during the frosty months so keep these details in mind.

So, now you know about the posts, what about the panels? What type of fence pannels should I choose?

Panels: Well, first of all, individual preference obviously plays a huge factor. The picket and stockade type wooden fence have vertical panels. If you select the post and rail, this is simply a fence without panels, costing a good deal less of money to build.

What type of fence rails should I choose?

Rails: The wooden fence rails are what will connect each and every post to the subsequent and so on. You will typically see that wood fence have a top, bottom and frequently middle rails also. Contact Sunrise Fence today for more information.

How many parts are there in wooden fence?

You can see diagram on different parts of wooden fence here.