When someone thinks of installing a fence they only think about a chain link or a privacy fence. But believe it or not, there are several more options out there than just these two. In order to know what options are open for you, you will have to contact your local fencing company. If you are in the Charlotte area, contact Sunrise Fencing.

Privacy Options

Nowadays there are several different size, shape, and designs for privacy. A shadow box privacy fence is growing in popularity. This is technically considered a semi-private fence as it does have a gap that allows people to catch glimpses into your yard. The shadow box is the design of the fence. It is still made of wood. Each panel of the fence goes in a pattern. One on the inside, one on the outside. A lot of people choose a shadow box fence for looks as you get to see the panels on both inside and out so that not only one side has to see the frame.

Another popular privacy fence option is vinyl fencing. Though vinyl could cost you more in the beginning, ultimately it can end up saving you more. A wooden fence needs to be treated and replaced often. A vinyl fence is almost maintenance free. A little power washing every now and then and you are good to go.

Chain, Picket, and Aluminum

Your front yard is hard to choose a fence for. Though a chain link may seem the only options it isn’t. When it comes to choosing a fence for the front of your home a lot of homeowners are choosing vinyl pickets. This is because they come sin several colors to match your home and they are completely custom for you, from the size and design the fence is truly yours.

Contact Sunrise Fence today to find out the options available to you. They offer several different designs, styles, and materials. At Sunrise Fence, you can create your dream fence.


What types of wood fences are the most common in North Carolina?

Generally, we can divide them into wood privacy fences, picket, semi-picket, estate raili or split rail fences. Some of them are pet friendly, some are not. You can check all of them in our Wood Fence Gallery.

There are also trash enclosure wood fences that can be seen here.

What types of aluminum fences are the most common in North Carolina?

Mostly installed aluminum fences are fences with flat top, flat top with spears, staggered spear top or with just spear top. Most common colors are black or white when it comes to aluminum fences.