Your yard is something that you need to love. From the way, it looks to the way you use it. This is where outdoor buildings such as gazebos, pergola, or arbors come in. But, when it comes to picking out one, you need to know what each of these features and what they bring to your outdoor space.


Unlike the other two, a gazebo is the most defined as a building. They can be shaped any way you prefer. However, the most common of these shapes are an octagon. A gazebo works great in garden areas and backyards for entertaining. You can make them whichever size you prefer, that way you can entertain large groups or even just enjoy a quiet area for yourself. A gazebo gives you a place to enjoy the outdoor where you don’t have to worry about the weather.


Sunrise Fence can build several different pergola types. From freestanding ones to patio covers and even additions off the side of a home. A pergola is used a lot for climbing plants such as grapevines or morning glories. They typically have a lattice side and roof. This allows the sun to shine down through peck holes in the vines. Mixing you in the perfect balance of shade and sun.


The arbor is the outdoor structure that is more for decoration. They are typically archways that are used in entrances. They sometimes are accompanied with fencing to create a pretty retreat. Most of the time arbor are covered in vines to give it a floral look. They look wonderful in garden entrances.

Sunrise Fence doesn’t only handle fencing. They can also build your outdoor buildings as well. Contact them today to get started on designing your outdoor wonderland.